Hattiesburg High Athletic Director adjusts plans for Fall sports season


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – With Fall sports being pushed back two weeks due to the coronavirus, Hattiesburg High School and other schools are working to adjust.

Hattiesburg High rescheduled two football games and some people are wondering if that’s just the start.

Tony Vance, head football coach and athletic director for Hattiesburg High School, said he is not ready to make any guarantees about playing, but he is feeling confident about the season.

“Kind of like the whole COVID situation, it’s kind of fluid. It changes, you know, day to day and week to week based on the numbers and what’s going on around you. So my confidence level is obviously not has high right now as it was a month ago, but I do think that we will be able to play football at some point this year.”

With parents across the state more concerned than ever about the safety of their children, Vance said he and his coaches are working on finding those answers.

“We’ve redone our schedule, and we anticipate playing. We’re learning more and more every day about how to keep our players safe. Things to do, things not to do. And, you know, I think that’s all we can do as coaches is try to educate ourselves on how to keep our players safe as the season gets closer and closer. You know, I’m sure there will be some other mandates pushed down by the MHSAA and CDC on how to do that.”

Vance said with so many moving parts, things are bound to keep on changing over the next few months.


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