Hattiesburg man battling the City to keep his home


Mr. Eddie Todd is battling the City of Hattiesburg. To keep his home to avoid being homeless again.

“When the tornado came through and devastated everything and tore down the trees now it’s visible. But now we have everything up to code and the specifications that they have asked us to do over and over again and we just want to see this man stay in his home because nobody wants to be on the street especially around Christmas or Thanksgiving”, says LeRoy Draughn, Part Owner of Todd’s mobile home.

In May he received a Notice of Violation on the door of his home. Along with the demand that he vacate the lot.

“They first told him in court that it was not considered a mobile home it was a travel trailer. This is an ex mobile home trailer I can’t really remember the year off of the top of my head but it’s classified as a hex mobile home then they would just give Mr. Carve all types of static and then a lot of us went to court with him that day and it was like a circus” explained LeRoy Draughn

Todd’s trailer was purchased by one of the local churches in exchange for his skills as a handyman. But if he loses his home he won’t be able to stay near the church.

“Well I’ll just be out on the streets again trying to find a place to stay. You know I’ve been blessed to get it I won’t mind keeping it” says Eddie Todd.
Todd has lived in this home since 2004 and is well known by the locals for his continued help and service to other in need.

“I don’t cause any problems. Anytime somebody need some help, I help them. So that is about as best I can say. So I do wish they would please let me keep my place to stay so I won’t be out on the streets Bumming and begging and stuff like that”Explained Eddie Todd.

Todd’s representatives have filed a appeal on his behalf in hopes to change the judges decision to keep his home. We have reached out to the city for comment.

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