JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Understanding insurance programs can be a challenge at any age. For seniors, who rely on Medicare, knowing what plan works best for them is especially crucial. so a dedicated volunteer created something called “Medicare University”.

On average 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. That means they’re eligible for Medicare. But should they go with Part A, Part B, and what about those prescription plans?

John Robinson is the volunteer coordinator for the Mississippi State Health Insurance Program. He saw the need to educate people, so he created Medicare University.

“Medicare University originally started as community program, where seniors can come in and learn more about Medicare and just a fun way of getting the word out of part of our outreach,” he explained.

In a 2 hour session, people learn which plan works best for them, and even earn a degree. The pandemic has forced it go virtual, more on that at mdhs.ms.gov , but if virtual is not for you can always call the Mississippi Access to Care Center, at 1-800-822-4622.

“We can help them enroll. We explain the differences between Part A and Part B. We can help them do a plan finder to find good drug insurance.”  

Nobody wants to pay too much. And if you’d like to help out John in is efforts to educate folks about Medicare, he could sure use you.

“We have a saying, that many hands make light work, so we need other volunteers helping us. Anybody who has a good attitude with people usually ends up being a good volunteer.”

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period begins again October 15th.