Health Department suspends Brandon Daycare Center from watching infants


BRANDON, Miss (WJTV) – Following the death of an infant at the Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center, the Mississippi Department of Health is suspending the facility’s license to watch infants younger than one-year-old.

This tragedy has cut deep into the daycare with a respected reputation.

Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center is still allowed to watch over children but prohibited from taking in infants under the age of 12 months. It was back in August when the first call that’s every parent’s worse nightmare went out.

It was a typical day when infants were put down for a nap, but one baby wouldn’t wake up.

“We are trusting our vulnerable babies and children at this time of our lives,” Dr. Thomas Dobbs said. “When they do have some of these risks. It’s important for us to maintain these standards.”

After observing surveillance footage and looking at police reports the department of health says Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center was not following state regulation safe sleep codes, something all parents should know about.

“They need to be on their back,” Dr. Dobbs explained. “They need to not have things around them that could tangle up around them or anything like that.”

“They were doing something they should not have been doing,” Amy White told us. “Following procedure sounds like. They should not have been laying the infant on their stomach to go to sleep. It makes you wonder if they had proper training.”

Under Mississippi Childcare regulations babies are supposed to be put to sleep on their backs with no soft objects around and be monitored by staff. Something that wasn’t being done according to the department of health.

“It’s a choking death,” Dr. Dobbs said. “You know not being able to breathe from choking. There were folks within proximity but it really speaks to the importance of being stringent with following these safety procedures for infants.”

On top of an indefinite suspension from watching infants under the age of one Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center was also fined $500. A punishment with mixed reactions from the public.

“I don’t think it’s strong enough,” White said. “I mean you’re talking about a child’s life was lost. Let’s step back look at the whole picture of what’s going on.”

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about it,” Former church member Charley Mohler stated. “And it’s so full it’s hard to get in there actually so it’s been an excellent facility. I was really upset when I heard about that.”

Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center has been operating since 1993. This was their first major state violation since opening its doors. We reached out to the administration about the infant care suspension, they said they could not speak on any reports.

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