Heat wave brings grandmother and granddaughter together for water games


People all over Mississippi had to learn how to deal with the heat wave in different ways. People all around the Jackson Metro shared their stories with us.

Many people aren’t letting the hot weather slow them down. For instance, we saw many people enjoying a Mississippi Braves game. But they’re doing what they can to stay cool.

“Stay hydrated, stay inside, and drink plenty of water,” Asia Stubbs recommended. It’s advice you’ve likely heard many times before. But experts say it’s advice you need to heed.

“Wear light clothes if you can, drink more water apparently,” sisters Ava and Bailey Tolstad said.  

“It’s been hot, you got to wear thin clothes, shorts, and things like that,” Bailey Tolstad said. “But at school you have to wear to the dress codes and things like that.”

“We’re forced to be outdoors because of our occupation and it’s really a good idea to stay hydrated,” Dr. Timothy Quinn told 12 News. “We want to drink water before we go out. Every 20 minutes we should take a water break.”

According to reports by Harvard Medical School in days like these the average human should be sipping 2-3 glasses of water every hour to avoid dehydration. But just how many realize that?  

“Normally I’ll drink a bottle of water or two a day,” Asia Stubbs told us. “But with this heat I’ll have to drink 4-5 bottles of water a day to stay hydrated.”

Surprisingly we met some people today wearing sweatshirts and jeans outside, which increase the risks of heat exhaustion. So doctors want you to know the signs. 

“The automatic nervous system it can just shut down and we no longer sweat,” Dr. Quinn said. ”That persons skin can be hot and dry; they can become very confused because minutes can be the difference between life and death.”

Even though you’re in your work and regular clothes it can still be tempting walking by a big fountain area wanting to just jump in and run through to get cool. And those we spoke to out shopping seem to agree. 

At the last minute our new friend Ava also took a jog through the fountains to cool down. 

With a few scattered showers Tuesday and more rain on the way for Wednesday we can expect to see temperatures drop, but don’t let your guard down because summer is still far from over. 

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