Helen Harrion’s family claims they weren’t notified about recent court hearing


A year and a half after Helen Harrion was found dead at her Jackson home her children say they weren’t notified about a court hearing involving the man accused of killing their mother.

The hearing was to find out if Alonso Stewart is competent to stand trial.

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Smith says Harrion’s family was made aware of Friday’s hearing weeks ago, but daughters of the late Helen Harrion say they found out about the hearing when it was already too late to attend.

Smith says he’s been transparent with Helen Harrion’s family since her brutal killing in 2014.

“My staff communicated to me that they did speak with them about the hearing two weeks ago,” says Smith.

However, Harrion’s daughters Karla and Angela say the family didn’t know anything about it ahead of time.

“They notified one of my sisters when it was actually going on at the time. Both of them were out of town and I’m just right here and I wasn’t notified,” says Karla Lewis, daughter.

Alonso Stewart was charged with capital murder plus attempted burglary for the crime.

Friday a competency hearing was held to determine what state of mind Stewart is in.

“Once the psychiatrist at Whitfield makes a determination we’re seeking that this be a certified psychiatrist,” says Smith.

The family says regardless of the hearing they want to be notified.

“Something even minuet we’d like to make a decision if we could be present or not,” says Lewis.

“You know you have to understand that we’re already dealing with a loss and feeling like you’re left out in the cold doesn’t help the situation,” says Angela Harrion.

Smith says there will be a follow up to Friday’s hearing and he stands by his open door policy with the Harrion family.

“I know I’m in contact with at least two or three family members and I’ve known them all of my life so they can contact me any time,” says Smith.

The family also filed a lawsuit with the city of Jackson last year.

The lawsuit accuses officers of not following emergency response protocol and having callous response to concern that ultimately lead to Harrion’s death.

Right now their lawyer says the city has answered and they are in the discovery phase and hope to take depositions soon.

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