Hinds County early absentee voters saying process is going well


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Hundreds of people are masking up to vote early, for a number of different reasons, like because of age or convenience.

Charlie Alexander said that election officials were very accommodating.

“My back started hurting,” Alexander said. “They took me in and let me sit down.”

Alexander said that he’s been voting since the 70s in every single election, and that nothing, not even coronavirus can get in his way of casting his ballot.

“It’s the citizens duty to get out and vote,” Alexander said. “I feel like if you don’t vote, y’ain’t got no voice.”

Simeon Seton said that for her, early voting was a preventative measure, because you never know what could come up.

“I don’t want anything to deter me on the day of,” Seton said. “I’m free today so might as well go ahead and get it done.”

Some people are hesitant to vote early because they fear their vote may be tampered with, not Natt Offiah.

“They had us seal the envelopes ourselves and made sure everything was glued shut,” Offiah said. “I feel pretty secure about my vote.”

So far the only complaint is the wait time, but everyone seemed to agree that the wait is worth having their voices heard.


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