Hinds County, Jackson seek joint patrol agreement to curb crime


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Common blame for Jackson having more spikes in violent crime is the lack of police officers to make up the force and have a presence in the streets. The past week was another deadly stretch of days for Jackson, at one point experiencing six shooting over a 24 hour period. It became a popular idea to have Hinds County Deputies partner with Jackson Police to patrol the city but both sides appear to be stalled before anything becomes official.

Planning Committee Chairman Kenneth Stokes of Ward three echoed frustration as Jackson totaled 47 homicides over the weekend. Stating he’ll go to any level for help.

“The next step I’m going to is asking the Governor for the National Guard because it makes no sense that we get all these killings,” Councilman Stokes said. “And it seems like we’re sitting here with our hands tied behind our backs.”

Before any ‘inter-local agreement’ can become official Councilman Banks pointed to the Hinds County Board of Supervisors having to draw up a resolution to get both entity’s legal teams to sit down with a plan. But according to Supervisor David Archie, that’s already been done.

“We did pass a resolution allowing the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department to work with the city,” Supervisor Archie told us. “To give Hinds County $500,000 so they could come in and actually patrol and help.”

The item was tabled again for the next planning committee meeting after attorneys and council members for Jackson weren’t sure who had to draw up the agreement. Councilman Stokes doesn’t want to wait.

“The city expects the county to pass their own local agreement and then they get with the city,” Councilman Stokes stated. “So, we need to iron out the wrinkles because people are dying every day. I thought the best procedure would be for the county to pass the internal-local agreement that the city sent them.”

So far it appears Hinds County hasn’t received an agreement on the city’s end dragging this plan on longer.

“The moment that they could get to our legal team the information that is needed,” Supervisor Archie explained. “We could move forward in terms of manpower and allowing some of the Hinds County Deputies to work overtime in the Capital City.”

Once the plan is finalized it will have to be approved by Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

With the amount of money given it’s not clear how many deputies would join forces with Jackson Police and they would be relying on patrolmen to come in on days off or work overtime as a backup to Jackson Police Officers. The next city council meeting for this will be in May.

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