Hinds County Sheriff’s Department demonstrates deadly DUI scene


A partnership with Knight Flight 101 and the Hinds County Sheriffs Department gave a chance for students to see first hand how aviation could save lives and how driving drunk could ruin it.

In a blink of an eye someone’s life could end if you’re drinking and driving.

“You can destroy your life and other people’s as well,” Sgt. Kenny Bryant said with the Hinds County Sheriff Department.

To get that message across Hinds County in partnership with other first responders created a mock up of a deadly DUI scene.

“A lot of people don’t get to see this happening,” He said. We respond to them all the time and we get to see the worst of the worst and the best of the best so it’s good to let these young children see this so that it will be in their mind that I don’t want to drink and drive.”

Even if you make it out of something like this alive while drinking and driving you still could be facing some serious jail time.

“Zero to six months for the first offense, second year six months to a year and the third offense of course that will be a felony so that will be predicated on a judge and a jury.”

For students learning about aviation they say they recognize the dangers of being impaired behind the wheel.

Why can’t you drink and text while driving ?

“Because you can get into a serious accident and you can hurt yourself and the other person,” said Elizabeth, 10.

Jackson Police, Jackson Fire, AMR and UMMC’s Air Care were among the other first responders.

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