Home Instead Senior Care promotes Alzheimer’s Friendly Businesses


HATTIESBURG, MS (WHLT) – According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, by 2030 over 75 million people across the globe will have some form of dementia.

That’s why Home Instead Senior Care is starting now to make public spaces more comfortable for Alzheimer’s patients.

“Often times their family members don’t take them out to events, or to eat or to social settings because they’re fearful that the person they’re caring for might act out,” said Home Instead Manager Keisha Kennedy.

Caregivers say certain atmosphere’s can trigger certain behaviors from Alzheimer’s patients.

Sometimes it could be large crowds. Other times it could be loud noises or confusing questions.

In preparation for National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in September, Home Instead Senior Care encourages businesses to take a free online training. The training will teach employees how to detect and handle Alzheimer’s patients.

“Say it’s a restaurant and it’s a server and they walk up to a table. They can know right away that this might be someone with Alzheimer’s, their family is on an outing with them. And it can just make that interaction a lot smoother,” Kennedy said.

In order for a business to become certified, at least ten percent of employees must take the online training at alzheimersfriendlybusiness.com.

Afterwards, businesses will get a window sign to let families know they’re certified.

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