Homeland Security Chairman reacts to raids in his home district, says focus needs to be on employers


Thompson says Trump has employed undocumented workers and has never been 'charged'

U.S. Representative and Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson says he plans to bring ranking members of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (I.C.E.) before his House committee to answer questions about raids at processing plants in central Mississippi, some of which were in the 2nd Congressional District represented by Thompson for more than twenty years.

In an exclusive interview with News 12, Thompson specifically denounced the rhetoric surrounding the conversation about undocumented immigrants and said, “This administration prides itself on marginalizing people that don’t look like the President.” Thompson continued, “So much of what he (Trump) pushes out on Twitter everyday and the fact, that so much of what he pushes out on Twitter is wrong. It’s not the kind of information that a parent would want their children to be a party to. As long as he continues that, I think immigrants in this country will be under attack.”

Six hundred and eighty people were arrested during raids carried out at seven locations in central Mississippi. Thompson was particularly upset that Child Protective Services was not contacted in advance of the raids as is the policy.

On a conference call last week, agents admitted schools were notified after the fact which in some cases left children upset and temporarily separated from their parents while detainees were processed.

Thompson planned to visit Carthage and Canton Monday. Those were two of the seven locations targeted during the raids.

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