Homeland Security responds to criticism of agents enforcing law


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV)- Homeland Security has responded to criticism of agents enforcing law with federal search warrants Wednesday, when nearly 700 immigrant workers were arrested.

Since the arrests, nearly half of those have been released, including some who are still undocumented. However, protests and rallies have taken place in areas where food processing plants were raided.

Homeland Security Public Information Director Byran Cox says people are protesting based on “incomplete information and/or rumors.” 

Cox released a statement Sunday, saying “we are the only law enforcement agency that does such things to persons arrested by a federal law enforcement agency.”

“Further, there are countless children across Louisiana and Mississippi who have a parent currently incarcerated due to their parent being arrested for breaking the law.” 

“There are adults with children [that] are arrested everyday and every arrest by any law enforcement agency, by definition, ‘separates’ a person from their family.”

“The use of sensationalist language applied to ICE arrests and only ICE arrests only fuels misinformation and is an unfair double standard.” 

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