Homeowners in Canton flood area see no other option but to move out


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Our team coverage of severe weather leading to flooding continues in Canton.

All eyes are on the Batchelor Creek, which struggles to hold the heavy rain runoff which eventually backs up into yards and engulfs roadways.

For people on the north end of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive the all too often headache of water taking over their neighborhood has pushed some to the brink.

“I’m looking for somewhere else to go and I’m a homeowner,” Mary Williams said. “And I’ve been buying my house there since 2001. That’s how fed up I am.”

Mary Williams says two rounds of flash flooding back in April damaged her home, forcing her to pay for renovations that were just finished. This week has her on edge.

“I’m just getting back into my house from April 13th. I’ve had two floods since then,” Williams told us. “I had to take up everything and get all the mold and everything out of my house. Every time it rains, I get up all through the night.”

The Batchelor Creek running right through the community is always pointed to as the culprit. Not being dug deep enough or cleaned up enough to keep water from backing over the edges.

“Dig this part out to the Big Black River, so it will have a free way of flowing,” Canton native Carrie Young said. “As long as it’s cut off there at a certain area it’s going to back up.”

At its height over three feet of water gathered in the lowest area around Martin Luther King Jr. Drive cutting off Canton Public Schools from sending kids home.

“I was walking from down the street and I will have to walk all the way over there to that other bridge,” Canton High School student Dontavious Smoot said. “That’s an extra two miles.”

“If the water is up when they get out of school they can’t come through here,” Williams explained. “So either they’ll have to stand up on the bridge or go to somebody’s house to call their parents to meet them on the bridge.”

While the water did recede for the day, with two more days of constant rain in the forecast those in northern Canton are expecting the flooding to return.

We reached out to Canton mayor William Truly who explained to us the city of Canton has worked closely with Madison County and the state in hopes of being granted a $2 million bond to clear out more debris in Batchelor creek. The project would also expand the creek so it can hold more water.

Truly says he and others with the city will travel to Washington D.C next month to meet with Senators and Representatives to ask for more funding for this incident.

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