HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – The heroes of the pandemic aren’t just the doctors and nurses on the frontlines. It’s also those behind the scenes, examining test results and doing research and more.

When you think of healthcare, you might think of doctors and nurses first. But people like Stephanie Brown also serve as crucial team members in the field.

As Forrest General Hospital’s Chief Administrative Technologist, Brown’s duty is to test the samples sent to her for different viruses and diseases. Due to the pandemic, her main focus is looking for COVID-19 in test samples, which she expressed can be quite strenuous.

“It’s hectic. It’s overwhelming at times. A lot of time’s I don’t get home till late. Yesterday when I got home, as soon as I walked in, I put my computer to look for more results, because the patients have to come first,” Brown explained.

Her team’s work is crucial to the hospital. However, she wants everyone to know it’s a group effort to get things done across the hospital.

“It’s every group. It’s radiology, it’s environmental services, pharmacy. Just everybody at this point has to come together. And we have.”

Brown said through this time of chaos, community support has been a tremendous help.

“There’s not a lot of break time. There’s not any downtime whatsoever. But I will say that the community has. They’ve brought in food for us. They’ve brought in snacks for us. And so that has been something that we are so thankful for and it does. It does make a difference.”