Hood narrowly leads Reeves in internal poll, 43%-42% among all likely voters


JACKSON, Miss- Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jim Hood leads in a second poll conducted and released by Hickman Analytics, Inc., according to the Hood for Governor campaign.

Hood leads Tate Reeves 44%-41% among voters who say they definitely will vote and 43%-42% among all likely voters. The poll was conducted during the Republican runoff.

“This poll and the runoff are proof that money can’t hide the fact that voters just don’t like what they’re seeing in our state government,” the Hood campaign said. “Tate Reeves spent 12 times more on television advertising than Jim, yet he’s still behind in the polls. Voters will face a stark choice in November: someone who looks out for himself and his big corporate donors or Jim, who looks out for the people of Mississippi.”

Among voters who can rate their feelings about both candidates, Hood leads 45%- 41%, and he is ahead 47%-42% among those who have seen ads for both candidates. Hood leads by 44%- 26% among Independents.

75% support expanding Medicaid to help keep rural hospitals open, including 55% who strongly support it. A majority of Republicans (56%) support Medicaid expansion. In addition, 69% support Hood’s proposal to making community college tuition-free, and 76% embrace Hood’s proposal to increase funding for statewide pre-kindergarten and raising teacher salaries.

According to the release:

“The polling is based on a survey of 600 likely voters in Mississippi. Telephone interviewing was conducted August 11th through 15th, 2019. The sample was selected so all likely voters were equally likely to be contacted, including a sample of cell phone numbers. The results were adjusted slightly to align the sample with known facts about the geographic and demographic composition of Mississippi likely voters.”

“All polls are subject to errors associated with interviewing a sample rather than the entire universe. The estimation error associated with a sample of 600 is +/-4.0 percentage points. In other words, in 95 out of 100 cases, the results of this poll are within 4.0 percentage points (plus or minus) of the results that would have been achieved in interviews with every likely voter in Mississippi. Estimation errors are higher among subgroups of the sample.”

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