Hood: Reeves campaign commercial for public education filmed at a private school is ‘fraudulent’


Attorney General Jim Hood is calling for Lt. Governor Tate Reeves to pull an ad where Reeves is promoting his public education plan.

Hood had some harsh words for Reeves calling the ad filmed in a private school promoting public school policies fraudulent.

“This is a great example of just a fraud somebody that doesn’t care anything about public education much less about those kids,” the Democratic nominee Jim Hood said.

In the statewide commercial Republican nominee Tate Reeves filmed at least portions of his campaign ad for public education policies at New Summit School a private school in Jackson founded by Nancy New.

“To run against somebody that has done nothing for public education and then they run a fraudulent ad trying to con the people in believing they’re going to do something about public education now and that they’ve had the chance to do it for 8 years and has done nothing,” Hood said.

Each candidate has received campaign contributions from the owner of the private school.

Hood was given $2,000 and Reeves given $5,000 but, the AG says there’s a difference.

“He gave them a million dollars they give him $5,000 dollars back and that’s just an example of what he’s done in every area everywhere there’s a contract he’s put it in there specifically for the department of education to give money to that organization.”

Hood is referencing a little over $1 million that was ear marked for companies related to Nancy New in the past 4 legislative sessions.

12 News reached out to the Reeves campaign for an updated response.

Last night, following the second gubernatorial debate Reeves did say the commercial was filmed at a private school and touted his plan for teacher pay increases.

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