The only statewide GOP primary debate not only grabbed the attention of Republican voters, but also the Democratic nominee Attorney General Jim Hood.

“I want to talk about the issues and I think Judge Waller did that last night -was addressing issues and you saw Tate Reeves all he was doing is calling him a liberal.”

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves will face Justice Bill Waller Jr Tuesday in the runoff.

Their attention is focused on each other.

“The fact that conservatives believe in less government and conservatives believe in lower taxes Judge Waller was very clear tonight,”Reeves said follwing the debate. “He believes in more government, more Obamacare and higher taxes.”

Waller, “It’s soundbites verses solutions and I’ve have been very active in advancing my platform from the day that I qualified the last day of February and it’s been consistent.”

Hood dispelled the idea he will not fare well in a general election match up against Waller , over Reeves

“The polling is about the same on both of them,” Hood said.

The four term Attorney General also proposed to debate at least three times in three parts of the state and he’s looking forward to who could be standing on the stage with him.

“If you spend that kind of money and you can’t move the needle,” Hood saying referring to Reeves. “And you’re still behind um you know anyway that’s something we’ll see who come out of that next Tuesday.”