Hospitals say reform is critical to survival


For months, conversations about Medicaid expansion has hit an all-time high.

The issue has been at the forefront with lawmakers concerning whether it should be expanded or if it should just stay the same. When it comes to health care and what to do with it, it all depends on who you ask. People have different beliefs and personal opinions about the plan.

For years, rural hospitals in the state have been struggling. It’s no secret to anyone that we’ve had multiple bankruptcies in the last year. A record number of hospital closings across the nation. The major reason administrators say is because of uncompensated care. Hospitals cannot turn uninsured people away for treatment. And the cost ends up being passed along to others.

And because this issue is so massive and has a far-reaching impact on so many, Gregg Gibbs believes that this issue affects everyone regardless of where you stand on the issue.

“Once that hospital starts struggling, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a thriving community without a hospital.” Gregg Gibbs Said.

In the last gubernatorial debate held at 12 news including lieutenant governor, Tate Reeves was opposed to Medicaid expansion while chief justice Bill Waller was all for it.

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