House committee member speaks about District 79 election decision


JACKSON, Miss.– A committee member talks with us after the house goes with the recommendation of that committee and votes to unseat democrat Bo Eaton 67 to 49 giving republican Mark Tullos the win.

“The law is straight. We may not like the law, but we have to follow the law. It is just like a judge. All the time we hear that about a judge legislating from the bench, well we would have been doing the same thing. Those five votes were not valid, and neither was the one that was not opened, so there was no way around it we could not count them,” said Bennett.

“Because it broke down on party lines, and I hate that part of it.  But I am going to tell you right now with me my integrity was at stake. There is no way I would have never not done what was right and what was fair,” said Bennett.

An appeal on that vote was brought to the house floor this afternoon.

Tullos is expected to be sworn in next week.

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