House of Representatives Gaming chairman shares his opinion on the lottery


JACKSON, Miss.– Since the Powerball grew to $1.6 billion dollars, many Mississippians have questioned why they can’t play here.

Back in 1992, Mississippians voted in favor of the lottery, but lawmakers never enacted it.

We spoke to Gaming chairman Richard Bennett.

“I just don’t know if it is the windfall that everyone believes it is. At the same time, where I do think it hurts us is by not having it is people on the Mississippi river, and they go across the river to buy their lottery tickets, so they may buy their bread milk, cigarettes, and gas at that convenience store on the other side of the river, and that is hurting the mom and pop shop on our side,” said Bennett. “If I was a gambling guy, I would say at best 50/50.”

He says that is the chance the lottery will come to Mississippi.

Bennett says every year since he has been chairman of gaming, lottery bills have been brought up.

He says gaming was never intended to go toward education, but instead the money were intended to towards the general fund.

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