How the Jackson water crises is affecting JPS students


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People in the Capital City are still under a boil water advisory and hundreds are still without any water pressure at all, including the Jackson Public School system.

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports the schools have been forced to close their doors until the city resolves the water crises.

While crews race against the clock to fix these breaks, parents say kids are suffering most from this infrastructure nightmare.

For JPS kids the last three days off from school may seem like an extension of christmas break. However for many students, who rely on school for breakfast and lunch, it means two less meals

“Since the water has been out we have seen a couple of more kids come than normal normally they would be able to eat at school because the water is out in the schools are closed,” Tara Lindsey Stewpot Director of volunteer services.

Stewpot community center serves anyone in need of a hot meal on a daily basis and as of late, that’s included the heartbreaking reality of several children.

“Yesterday we had a family that came in and she wanted to wrap up her food to take home with her and I gave them extra food for the night because I knew they needed it and she was so grateful but it just breaks your heart when you see kids that are hungry,” Lindsey said.

Tara lindsey says parents have been eternally grateful for stewpot’s service.

“She said that they were here because they were hungry and if the schools were open they would be able to eat and if the schools were open they would be able to go to lunch at school and they wouldn’t have to come to stewpot,” she recalls one parent telling her.

Other parents say their kids are hurting in other ways by missing school.

SOT: 13:40 Syreeta tatum- 6 year old attends Jackson school

“My biggest concern is that my son is missing out on his education it’s not a big inconvenience for him to be at home because I work on the evenings so that’s not my issues my issue is the more days that they’re out of school the more days he’s missing out on,” Syreeta tatum, has a 6 year old in JPS.

Syreeta tatum says she’s been working with her 6 year old son at home to make sure his education continues to be a priority.

“My best bet is just going to be to keep working with him at home because you’re missing out on school and that’s unacceptable but also the water crises is unacceptable so I mean I’m not blaming anybody but the situation does need to be rectified on some end,” Tatum said.

While this mom does not blame anyone in particular she is worried that if the city doesn’t fix this problem soon it will have long term effects.

“We actually have no clue when they are going to make the days up so I’m just hoping that it doesn’t come at a time when you’re trying to go take a trip or something like that especially if you’re planning for spring break or whatever holiday weekend might come up,” she explained.

JPS leaders have canceled school for the rest of the week.

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