How to safely travel during the holidays


Travel during the holidays increases dramatically; AAA is predicting more than 48 million people to be traveling this year. Many times those who are commuting for the season travel in unfamiliar weather conditions.

AMMCO Manager, Aaron Gage Carter says there are many simple things you can do before you hit the road. He says, “tires is a real big factor there, if you have anywhere close to bald tires on it, you do not need to take it anywhere there’s ice, the better the tire, the better it’ll perform in snow.”

But the most important tip drivers can take, is to be aware that conditions are different and your driving should change accordingly. “Main thing, drive a whole lot different than you would here, cause when you get up there you can’t slam on the brakes you cant make hard stops you can’t accelerate fast, you’ve got to be aware of your driving,” according to Carter.

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