Hundreds not backing down to idea of Costco in Ridgeland


Hundreds of people who live in Ridgeland are not backing down to the idea of a Costco coming their city, but it’s not so much the big box store it’s the location.

“Is this typical for Costco to have this kind of turnout opposed to your developments,” says Ridgeland resident.

A Costco representative immediately answered ‘No’.

This was the second heated meeting in two weeks between city officials, residents and as well as Costco representatives.

The night started with a list of rules for the hundreds in the audience.

No booing, no clapping, one question per person lasting no longer than 5 minutes.

“There will be presentations without interruptions,” says city official.

The main concerns were about traffic in the area of Highland Colony Parkway south of Natchez Trace where Costco would be built.

“The traffic will be horrendous. It will bring crime,” says Peggy Broerman.

Also several complained of the possibility of Costco putting small stores out of business and changing the environment of the city.

“They need to preserve what the mayor has set forth as a wholesome community,” says Julia Williams.

There is a petition for Ridgeland with close to 3,000 signatures from people against the big box store coming to that location.

“Until it’s finished and they cut the ribbon on it we’re going to be fighting,” says Bill May.

The VP of Retail Development for Costco says nothing is set in stone for this location.

The mayor told us he wasn’t on duty when asked for a comment.

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