Rally for gun rights outside State Capitol


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People, who support the Second Amendment, showed solidarity in Jackson with thousands of people who marched in Virginia. The gun advocates in Virginia protested gun control efforts in the state.

In Mississippi, gun advocates gathered outside the State Capitol on Monday.

“A lot of people fell that it’s being threatened, and there’s a continued push to take away individual rights to bear arms,” said James Tulp, who attended the rally. “And we’re here fighting to make sure that the next generation has the blessing of liberty that we have.”

The protesters believe their gun rights are safe in Mississippi, but they want to send a message to other states.

“I’m not really worried about it, but nationwide, yes!” said Bobby Mitchell, State Commissioner of Citizens Militia of Mississippi. “The dems are coming in and they’re trying to take our rights away from us.”

Mitchell said that owning a gun shouldn’t be a requirement, but no one should be afraid to do so.

“Everybody! My wife carries, I carry, my step-daughter carries. It’s about education and personal responsibility,” explained Mitchell. “Unfortunately, personal responsibility is not something that is prominent in our society today, and we need to change that.”

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