GLENDORA, Miss. (WJTV) – The Delta is considered one of the poorest regions today but was once the richest region in Mississippi. Hunger Action takes a moment to explore the migration from the Delta as a reason some places get left behind and the people who stay in them face hunger. 

Over the years, the decline of manual labor and the departure of manufacturing jobs have made difficult conditions worse in one of the nation’s poorest regions. People say at one time the Delta was the HUB of the United states, it was the richest regions with shipping done on the Mississippi River, and Memphis was a major shipping hub because you had riverboats and you also had railroads and later interstates.

All of that changed with the mechanization of farms. Hunger Action has taken place all month, exploring the reasons for hunger across the state in places like Heidelberg, where towns survive with no grocery store, or Jackson where some are solving hunger with a bike ministry and Terry Mississippi where seniors and children go hungry and in the Delta.