ICE: ‘No way’ of knowing how many children were affected by raids


Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials say there’s no way to track down how many children were affected by the recent raids at factories in Mississippi.

In an email response from, Bryan Cox the Southern Region Communications Director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement he said, “As we did not arrest any children there’d be no way for me to track that number for you.”

Children separated from their parents even for a short period of time could have long term implications

“Often time the kids they don’t know exactly what actually happened and why these things are actually happening so depending on the actual stressor the distressing event that will determines what and how they will respond to it,” said Dr. Damien Thomas a counselor at Resilience Counseling and Recovery Center LLC.

According to Thomas, Children between the ages of 6 and 11 are particularly more vulnerable to problems resulting from separation.

“Fear that there will be something bad happen to my love one that’s generally what we will see,” He said. “Also there could be sleep disturbance appetite disturbance , nightmares, bed wetting those types of symptoms mostly generally physical type symptoms.”

Dr. Thomas also recommends that if you’re subject to being separated to make sure your children understands before it happens.

“Have that particular caregiver explain to them what is happening we encourage parental support for sure other family support,” Thomas said. “We also encourage counseling as well if they need support in terms of educating themselves and how to educate their child on what to do and how to respond to these stressor.”

US Attorney Mike Hurst announced every child was reunited with a parent following detention.

Reports also indicate a breakdown in protocol in not notifying child protective services before the raids

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