ICE releases 303 detainees, others held in custody


Three hundred and three people out of the six hundred and eighty taken into custody during ICE raids in Mississippi have been released according to federal agents.

Bryan Cox with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says none of the 680 people arrested Wednesday are still on the grounds of the Mississippi National Guard hangar in Rankin County. That is the location where agents processed detainees after raids at seven different processing plants Wednesday.

Those released will begin federal court proceedings, a judge will determine if they will be allowed to stay in the U.S. on a case by case basis.

While on base, ICE officers provided cell phones and allowed those with children and other dependents to make arrangements for their care. If the person in question was not detained, agents say efforts were made to quickly process the person and allow them to return home to their family.

Agents say at this point in the process, they contacted school liaison officers in the affected school districts to make sure teachers and administrators were informed of the situation prior to students being released for the day.

In a conference call later Thursday, Homeland Security confirmed they contacted the schools after the fact. The head of Child Protective Services was contacted late Wednesday night.

Authorities say the remaining three hundred and seventy-seven people arrested have been transported to detention centers in Mississippi and Louisiana.

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