ICYMI: Franklin Graham voices support for gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster


Franklin Graham is the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham to whom the ‘Graham rule’ is generally attributed. That is, not being in the presence of another woman you are not married to without another person present.

State Representative Robert Foster referenced the rule when denying Mississippi Today reporter Larrison Campbell a scheduled ‘ride-along’ with candidate unless she brought a male colleague with her for the day.

The move sparked a national debate. It was seen by many as sexist but garnered conservative support for the candidate.

Graham, who is a spiritual advisor to President Donald Trump, posted on Facebook Monday calling the move a ‘practical’ one. He asked people to weigh in, thus far there are more than 13,000 responses.

There will be more discussion on this subject Tuesday night at 7pm during a WJTV exclusive GOP Gubernatorial debate. Follow our Twitter hashtag #MSGOPGOVDebate and watch online for the very latest.

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