Immigration Rights Alliance holds solitary vigil for families still with no answers since 2019 raids


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – After one year of the raids at food plants in Mississippi, people still remember the victims

August 7, 2019, 680 Latinos were the victims of the largest workplace sting in a decade. A vigil was held with respect for the families.

Mississippi Immigration Rights Alliance has worked to be there for the families who they say have been victimized by ICE. MIRA says they have helped many of the Latino families prove their need to remain in the country.

“The government has to make decisions and decide what they’re going to do because it’s crazy,” MIRA President Luis Espinosa said. “Because it’s one year no kind of information. One year so many people like the lady who was here today still with no date in court, one year she cannot work. How does the government think they are going to survive.”

The workers were taken to military hangers to be processed for immigration violations. One year later many are still being held without answers.

“I feel like they have more advantages to us, it doesn’t matter if you have papers or not they have more advantages,” Marleny Lopez told us. “And I think the big change that we have to think is that everyone is the same. It’s like an egg there’s a White egg and there’s a brown egg but if you crack them both, they are still the same inside and people should be treated the same as anyone else.”

Mira says their fight is for justice.

“Be human, let’s be real what is the circumstance at this moment?” Espinosa asked. “So those laws now are useless, many of those families they have American kids, American citizens born here so they have rights to do something.”

The current situation of the people who are still detained is unknown. Mira’s recent attempt for answers from Homeland Security for a status update as recent as July 20th, representatives with MIRA say those questions have yet to see a response.

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