Cambodia bans export of breast milk by US company

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In this Aug. 27, 2014 photo, a lab technician shows containers of frozen human milk at the Fernandes Figueira Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A group of American doctors are in Brazil to learn how the country’s extensive milk bank system works. With more than 200 such banks nationwide, where breast-feeding women can donate […]

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) – Cambodia has permanently banned the export of human breast milk by a company headed by a former Mormon missionary that pioneered the business two years ago.

A letter issued Tuesday by the Cabinet to the Health Ministry said Prime Minister Hun Sen has ordered a halt to U.S.-based Ambrosia Labs Ltd. buying and exporting the milk. The product is marketed as food for babies and a nutritional supplement and sells for as much as $4 an ounce.

The letter gave no reason for the ban, but said that Cambodia was not so afflicted by poverty that its mothers needed to sell their milk.

The milk’s export was recently suspended while the Health Ministry investigated its effects on babies and whether the business violated a law on trafficking in human organs.

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