Iron Horse Grill downtown reflects on COVID-19 one year later


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Iron Horse Grill has served many occasions during the coronavirus pandemic. Andy Nesenson is the manager of Iron Horse Grill downtown. He said he and his staff chose to handle it the only way they could: by rolling with the punches.

“Whether it’s case counts rising, or mask mandates, or the mayor saying that we’ve got to close, or the times which we can serve, you’ve got be flexible and respect their decisions,” he explained.

Nesenson said that the secret for success is to keep morale high. He said while COVID-19 may spread quickly, the positive environment he’s created for his employees and guests spreads even faster.

“It’s infectious!” he said. “Whether it’s with your staff bartenders, cooks, they want to be around that. They want to be excited. They want to work for somebody like that. Before you know it, it just bleeds all the way through, and your guests come through and see that, and all of a sudden, they’re having fun.”

He added that the system they had in place prior to the pandemic was nearly flawless, and they plan to get right back to it as soon as they can.

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