Issaquena County Regional Correctional Facility to close, sheriff and staff are not happy


MAYERSVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) — Issaquena is among the poorest counties in all of Mississippi. Its regional minimum-security correctional facility has been a huge source of employment for its workers. 

Deputy Chief Willie Peterson said if the jail closes, many will suffer, not just the staff.

“The citizens not only in this town but in the county would love to see the facility stay open,” Peterson said. “That’s really the money-making engineer here in the county right now as far as I know and I’ve been here all my life.”

Merrial Lee has worked at the jail for 20 years and said she’s grown to care for all the inmates.

 She said it’ll be a strain on their families for visitation, especially with such short notice.

“It’s close to Christmas, so it’s hard for them to get their paperwork ready to visit somewhere else,” Lee said. “I guess they’ll ship ’em off somewhere.”

The Inmates get visitation twice a month, and Sgt. Jacob Carlage said if they are transferred to another facility far away, it could be a hike for their families.

“You got of some them that got close relatives right around here doesn’t have to travel a lot and travel close to the place,” Carlage said. “It’s gonna be hard for some of them.”

Lee says she thinks they will be transferred to Mississippi State Penitentiary, which is not only almost two hours north, but a maximum security facility.

Lee and Carlage both said they have no clue what will come next.

The decision is now in the hands of the board of supervisors.

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