Jackson barbers undergo mental health training


Some Jackson barbers are undergoing mental health training to better help their clients.

The organization named Confess Project is giving detailed tips on how to spot common signs of depression and mental health issues.

Demonstrations and scenarios were set up to give people an idea of how a situation could present itself.

One indication could be, a client not be as open as they usually are, or being withdrawn.

Another sig is a client wearing a mask to seem happy but not wanting to engage about things bothering them but the key is to simply make them feel wanted and cared about.

Lorenzo Lewis Crestor of the Confess Project says,  “Building relationships is key. While your building relationships understand that being able to connect with that person and validate that person’s emotions really helps people to open up and just be the better version of who they are and I think that just really builds a level of transparency and also helping us to build a level of success in that person’s mental health journey.”

At the end of the training there was a ribbon cutting which officially signified the completion of the class.

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