Jackson City Council announces budget plans


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson City Council held a press conference Wednesday to announce the most recent decisions with the city’s budget.

Councilman Aaron Banks announced a pay increase of $4,000 from the original salary for police officers. The pay now starts at $30,000 for police recruits. City leaders hope this will help the Jackson Police Department to retain officers. 

They are also looking at other measures to bump raises throughout the police and fire departments.

As a way to provide some relief for city employees, Councilman Stamps said the City will pay 100 percent of health care premiums for all city employees, although employees would be responsible for the additional dependents and family members.

“For those maintenance workers, those sewer line workers that are out there waist deep in water in the winter time, trying to undo water lines, extra hundred, $200 a month is going to mean a lot for those folks out there cutting grass,” expressed Councilman Stamps.

Litter laws were also enforced with a fine of up to $200. An item on the next agenda is for the City of Jackson to contribute $1 million toward the construction cost of Jackson State University’s new stadium.


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