Jackson City Council releases statement about Councilman Stokes’ comments

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson City Council issued a joint statement regarding the comments Councilman Kenneth Stokes made on Thursday, December 31, 2015.

The following recent comments made by City Councilman Kenneth I. Stokes regarding high speed chases which enter the city limits of Jackson and potential acts against law enforcement, Jackson City Council members have collectively stated that Councilman Stokes’ comments do not represent the Jackson City Council or the City of Jackson. In response to news of Councilman Stokes’ comments, City Council President Melvin Priester Jr. (Ward 2) said, “As President of the City Council I can say unequivocally that Councilman Stokes’ comments are indefensible and do not represent the Jackson City Council or the City of Jackson. Following Councilman Stokes’ comments, I have spoken personally with the other members of the council and we are in agreement that the Jackson City Council does not support any calls for acts of violence against those who serve as members of law enforcement.

Councilman Priester stated further, “Moving forward, it is imperative that we renew our efforts to work with surrounding communities to find common ground regarding regional pursuits and the safety concerns posed by high speed chases in the metro area. I hope that Councilman Stokes’ unfortunate and unacceptable words do not prevent us from achieving an effective regional pursuit policy throughout the metro area.

The safety of the citizens of Jackson and the safety of those who work tirelessly to serve and protect is of utmost importance. While concern may be voiced over high speed pursuits within city limits and the legitimate danger they pose to innocent by-standers, such concerns do not justify calling for violence against law enforcement.”

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