JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – What has 10 pounds of okra, 8 pounds of onions and 4 whole chickens? If you said the Jackson Fire Department’s award-winning gumbo, give yourself a 4 alarm pat on the back. Tuesday (11/19/19) morning, firefighters proudly posed with the towering trophy they earned for taking the top spot, in the Individual Category, at the BankPlus International Gumbo Festival. Assistant Chief Patrick Arman was the mastermind behind the roux, but it took a team effort to beautifully blend it together.

He says, “It takes a long time to cook. We started Friday morning at 7 a.m The majority of it is prep time. When you start putting everything in the pot, then you got another four hours to cook. But it went quickly after 2 hours of serving it was totally gone.”

Jackson Fire Department couldn’t have created all that gumbo goodness with a generous donations from Fourth and Goal Sports Cafe, Froogles Market and Walmart.