Jackson Holiday Inn Express preparing for influx of coastal evacuees


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Holiday Inn Express in Jackson often serves as a haven for coastal evacuees during severe weather.

General manager Janice O’Neal explained that catering to the evacuees’ needs is something that comes natural to her team.

“A lot of them tell you’ve they’ve been through this before,” O’Neal said. “We had several, several families here during Laura that really felt displaced. Went out of their way to make them feel at home.”

By “going out of their way,” O’Neal means adding a few additional amenities such as waiving pet fees, offering laundry services and even a small discount.

During a pandemic it’s not quite as easy as it normally would be, but O’Neal said it will be no match.

“We play with their children,” O’Neal said. “We give them things to do like coloring books and we just treat them like family.”

O’Neal said that as of Monday morning, 12 evacuating families have booked rooms, and that they expect to have many more.


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