Jackson homeowners evaluate damage after Pearl River flood


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Homeowners across the Jackson area are getting a look at the damage from all the flooding and what it will take to clean up. Debris is stacked on the curbs and Waste Management is going around to pick up as much as it can.

A neighbor, who’s lived on River Road for 15 years, said he never through his home would flood.

“You always have that faith that something was going to be able to be salvaged,” he explained.

But the rising Pearl River had other plans for this neighborhood. One homeowner’s entire floor was filled with at least a foot of water. Many people experienced the same, but some were better prepared than others.

“I’m just blessed that we had insurance. So I can’t really complain because my neighbors don’t have no insurance,” said neighbor, Daniel Colton.

While neighbors are cleaning up their homes, officials are still urging caution because of lingering strong odors and hazardous materials. Community members are warning flood victims to keep an eye on their homes.

“You have a lot of homes that’s vulnerable and have no electricity, so just your presence at least during the daytime.”

The American Red Cross also made their way through Jackson to offer free food and other items to victims.

If you would like to make a donation to help flood victims, click here.

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