Jackson landlord plans to help struggling tenants as eviction moratorium expires


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Tenants are facing the end of the federal eviction moratorium Saturday, including those in Mississippi. One Jackson landlord said he wants to help his struggling tenants.

Pastor Ted Watson said he has a tenant that’s out of a job, but he’s still willing to work them him instead of evicting him.

The Biden administration announced Thursday it would allow the nationwide ban to expire, saying it wanted to extend it due to rising infections but its hands were tied after the U.S. Supreme Court signaled in June that it wouldn’t be extended beyond the end of July without congressional action.

Watson said he’s willing to workout a payment plan for his tenants and even help them fill out paperwork for rental and utilities assistance.

“It’s more advantageous to us, or at to me at least to me to keep them in the property than to kick them out. Because if I kick them out they won’t have nowhere to go,” he explained.

Watson hopes more landlords will follow his lead.

According to CBS News, one in every five renters in half of Mississippi’s counties were behind on their July 2021 rent.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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