Jackson leaders discuss fighting crime in the city after violent weekend


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A surge of violence in Jackson is leaving some people wondering what’s next.

On Sunday, there was a double homicide. A man was arrested for allegedly killing his mother and sister.

“It seems like every time we need the law enforcement, they come after the fact,” said Dracy Hudgins, who lives on David Drive.

Police Chief James Davis said, “These homicides are completely senseless. They make no sense, but they’re happening.”

According to Davis, most of the homicides are between people who know each other and may be family members.

“It’s very difficult, where a son kills a daughter and a mother. And most of these homicides are due to disputes, arguments, disagreements.”

“It’s interpersonal meaning that it is directly related to relationships. It is related to socio-economic circumstances, and it’s related to mental health circumstances,” said Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba.

There were 15 homicides in Jackson in April 2020, and there were 14 homicides in July 2020. Davis said the community must step up to the plate.

“Talk about gun education, talk about putting guns down, talk about not commuting crimes, because these individuals are hitting their target,” said Davis.

Jackson police said they’re working to solve the homicides. So far, there have been 67 homicides in the city this year. Police said 47 homicides have been solved.


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