Jackson man speaks out about train traffic


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Quintin Pitts is speaking out against what he calls “avoidable train traffic” in Jackson.

“How is it possible that a train can shut down the entire city of Jackson and nobody does anything about it”, Pitts said.

He says every other day there is a train stalled on the tracks at West Fortification and Maple Street, and the only way to get through the area is to make a ten minute loop around the area.

During the past two months, Pitts has recorded videos of the train sitting on the tracks, and says if something isn’t done soon this could cause someone to lose their life.

“When the ambulance can’t come across the track has to be delayed going around someone is going to lose a life so before that happens let’s do something about this situation”, he said.

Pitts says the City of Jackson has a security guard that watches the train sit on the tracks and does nothing about it. We later learned that the security guard is not an employee with the City of Jackson.

We have also reached out to the City of Jackson about this issue, and we’re waiting to hear back.


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