JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber is addressing the city’s infrastructure problem on Twitter.

He tweeted “Yes….I believe we can pray potholes away. Moses prayed and a sea opened up. #iseeya #itrustHim #prayerworks”.

This is not the first time the Jackson mayor has talked about the city’s issues on the social media site.

  1. Just last week, Yaber tweeted about the possible Costco deal that’s being talked about in Ridgeland.  He said in statement sent to WJTV that he was disappointed that some key leaders could not come together to make Costco a reality for the City of Jackson.

The tweets read, “I am disgusted to know that there are public officials both present and past who were deliberate obstructionists in my Costco efforts.”

Another tweet said “Very poor display of your love for Jackson while obstructing it’s progress.”