Jackson neighbors look for relief from ongoing water issues


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In the city of Jackson, neighbors are continuing to have problems with water pressure.

One woman who has been having an issue since December told us what she has been experiencing. She said not being able to bathe or wash her hands in her home during a pandemic has been a frustrating experience.

“We’ve had to purchase water, the little water that we can get. We have to boil it to wash dishes. I haven’t been able to wash clothes in a while,” explained Tye Tripp.

Tripp said city officials have contacted her to assured her the problem would be fixed.

Maintenance crews have come out to her home and the water meter was replaced. They are still paying their water bill to avoid issues.

“We’re still getting billed for water, and we’re still paying on it. That’s another thing that adds to my frustration. We make sure that we’re taking care of our part. We’re paying for a service that we’re getting little to nothing of.”

Tripp said the water pressure has always been low but never like this. She thanked Councilman Aaron Banks for bringing water to her home and working to help people like her in south Jackson.

Banks said, “I’m pushing the needle as hard to make sure that the public works director can get on this, and I know that people may not like well water, but it may be a measure that we have to go to to make sure that people are getting adequate pressure.”

Whether its well water or not, Tripp said she is just ready to have pressure in her home again.

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