Jackson neighbors still finding empty shelves days after winter storm


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For many people this is the first time in six days they’ve been able to go to the grocery store and most say they’ve been making due.

Water, milk, meat and bread were common items on people’s shopping list.

“That’s my main thing I’m just trying to get bread.”

But the issue is no matter where you go, the shelves are just as empty, forcing some to turn to churches to get their necessities.

“You can’t find anything in the store so you have to go where they’re giving things away.”

Word of Christ Ministry in Jackson had their regular food giveaway, but made sure that bread, milk and water were available along with some extras.

People said with what they were able to get from giveaways and the grocery store, they have enough to make it a few through next week. Now their main focus is waiting for water or electricity to come back on in their homes.

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