Jackson Ole Miss fans react to firing head coach Matt Luke


While many Ole Miss players were outspoken against the move to fire Matt Luke, what do the fans think?

The much-discussed Egg Bowl ending may have been the final straw, and the Ole Miss Rebels are going to shake things up for the 2020 season.

Winning just four out of twelve games this year will not suffice for Ole Miss’s athletics department, even though the Egg Bowl turned on a personal conduct penalty.

Matt Luke may be a Mississippi native and Ole Miss alum — but some fans said it’s time for a change.

Ole Miss players have been asked not to publicly comment on the matter… but fans around the metro haven’t been silent – reacting on social media and in person.

Justin Collier has been an Ole Miss fan his whole life.

He said he wishes it didn’t have to come to this… but that he is looking forward to the future.

“I think it’s a pretty good thing,” Collier said. “Now we get to bring someone new in and now we can see what the football team is all about.“

Brandon Hayes, another Rebel die-hard agreed with Collier.

“I thought he was a good interim coach,” Hayes said. “The record speaks for itself, though, you gotta have somebody who can get the job done.”

William Eaton went to Ole Miss — he thinks coaches need more time to prove themselves before a decision like this is made.

“The reality of college football is it takes about four years to build a team,” Eaton said. “You can see that in any number of programs, and to expect some sort of miracle to happen in a year, year and a half, now you have to start the process over again so you’re back to square one.”

Eaton said if there’s anyone who could pull off an overnight miracle in the SEC– “You hire Saban.” He of course was referring to Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

Ole Miss Athletics has not yet announced who will be Luke’s successor.

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