JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Following two consecutive years of historic homicide rates in the capital, there is no question that its time for a change.

People said they do appreciate the increase in patrol but feel that may not necessarily be the best solution.
Here’s what a few people had to say.

“Generally, most roadblocks are in poorer neighborhoods, so they are just here to generate wealth because, they’ve been doing roadblocks. Until Jackson offers more people stable jobs, you’ll always have that element of who’s always trying to rob somebody else and it’s just because of the poverty level,” said Clinton Spence.

“I most definitely appreciate the effort. We have a whole city that doesn’t have any recreational, nothing recreational. We don’t even have a skating rink anymore. So, you got to give them something to do, you got to give them something to look forward to, give them some hope instead of just giving them a jail cell to look forward to and saying if you keep doing what you’re doing, we’re going to lock you up,” said Stanley Hardge.

“It’ll stop them from riding around if they got guns they’re not supposed to have, they need a lot of guidance, more stuff for them to do in the community,” said but Toroddrekus Watts.

Most people feel there needs to be more positive outlets in the city. Neighbors tell me its more of a lack of opportunity in the city that fuels the crime rather than a lack of police presence.