Jackson Police hope to maintain confidence with public as some want new strategies against crime


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Another string of shootings and homicide this week in Jackson. Police are trying to maintain public confidence in their ability to crack down on criminals, but many neighborhoods are at their breaking points. 

We are beginning to see upticks in crime around northeast Jackson, communities that are usually quiet. The shootings and fights around Ridgewood Road and Old Canton now have people demanding new strategies from law enforcement and city leaders. 

During an update on three drug busts executed by Jackson police on Friday afternoon, the department had little to say about recent shootings involving a six-year-old boy on Houston Ave. and a man at the Ridgewood and Old Canton Road intersection Thursday night. 

JPD Public Information Officer Sam Brown said, “They are investigating it right now, but that information I didn’t bring with me. So, I don’t have any information I could give you on that investigation.”

Out of the 49 homicides thus far in 2021 in Jackson, the Jackson Police Department said 61% of those cases have been solved and defended their current approach to stopping crime. 

Sam Brown said, “We have a lot of different operations going on, and we like to let the citizens know we’re continuing these operations whether they be with narcotics, whether they be with traffic, our robbery homicide division or patrol officers.”

We spoke to families that were in the areas where the crimes happened. The families told us they are not seeing enough police presence. The families want city leaders out in the streets to talk about what is happening. 

Brittany Hodge, a Jackson mother, said, ” I’m concerned for my brother, my child’s father. I’m concerned for my son as he gets older. I want to be able to bring him out to the park and play, not having to worry about stray bullets or gunshots. 

Based on crime rates this year, Jackson police and some people seem to disagree over if Jackson is a safe city and the best solutions to help it. 

JPD Public Information Officer Sam Brown said, If you’re thinking about moving to Jackson or coming to Jackson, you can rest assured that our police officers are out there working and making the stops, making the arrest. We have a high solvability rate of crime. So, Jackson is going to be a safer place. It’s already a safe place. 

Steve Tuttle, a Jackson father, said, “No, I don’t think so. It’s something they’ve got to address in a meaningful way. There’s got to be a noticeable change. We’re trending upwards. So, it’s got to be a noticeable change because we’re getting worse.”

Jackson police said they welcome community help and urge witnesses and concerned residents to call crime stoppers if they see any trouble unfolding. 

Despite confiscating over $54,000 in three drug busts this week, investigators see no connection with this to the gun violence plaguing the city. 

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