Jackson prepares to pave and resurface one mile of State Street


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For those who travel or live off of State St. in Jackson, you can expect to see major renovations to the road soon.

The mayor’s office and the Mississippi Department of Transportation have teamed up to proceed with fixing up the road.

The section of State St. they’ll be repaving and surfacing is between Woodrow Wilson Ave. and the Fortification St. intersection. Construction will have to go past both Millsaps College and Baptist Medical Center.

As you travel past many parts of State St. most lanes are covered in cracks and potholes.

“My friend’s dad he got a big dent in his car from hitting a pothole,” Millsaps Jr. Liam Vincifora said. “He almost crashed it and we were in the car with him. So it can get really annoying sometimes.”

“It really beats up your rims with potholes like Liam was saying,” classmate Mickale Massey explained. “Just driving you to have to worry about traffic incoming and beside you and around you.”

In response Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba is ordering one of the first infrastructure projects of 2020 to be tearing up the one mile stretch of State St. and repaving all lanes.

“We will have lane closures,” city traffic engineer Robert Lee said. “We do have to keep through traffic open, our goal is to have one lane closed at a time. There may be spots where one lane is closed in each direction.”

Being awarded federal grants and state money covering 75% of the project, MDOT commissioner Willie Simmons announced the department of transportation will also be assisting the city in the building.

“This is the medical corner so to speak,” Commissioner Simmons said about State St. “Get into the Baptist Hospital, get into the University, St. Dominic. Also when our interstate system is clogged with a traffic situation or the weather it’s this corner that we utilize.”

The State St. project will overall cost more than $4 million and create backups for months, but those we spoke to in the community believe it will all be worth it.

“This is the front door to Millsaps, people coming up State St. from Woodrow Wilson come right here to our admissions office,” Millsaps Communications Director John Sewell stated. “So we want that to be as good as possible.”

“You know my rims can be happy now,” Massey told us. “My car can be happy now, it was great knowing our voices are being heard in the city.”

While at the podium mayor Lumumba expressed he’ll be proud to apologize to drivers for traffic due to Jackson’s progress instead of bad roads.

Millsaps administration tells us the city believes they can have the one mile stretch of the road complete by the summertime. They’ve also alerted students and staff to adjust their commutes to the road work.

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