Jackson Public Schools announces new COVID-19 policies for next school year


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – If you’re the parent or legal guardian of kids attending Jackson Public Schools, the superintendent and board have released how they’ll be approaching the fall of 2021 regarding COVID-19.

Superintendent Dr. Errick Greene and the JPS administration showed enthusiasm looking ahead to next year giving off more of a sense of normalcy with students back in the classroom full time, on the playing field, and even bringing back field trips.

After spending more than half this past school year virtual learning from home, Jackson Public Schools will open up in the fall of 2021 with 100% in-person learning. They will limit exceptions for extreme health reasons.

“Many of our scholars struggled academically in the virtual learning session,” Dr. Greene noted. “Our early learners require more individualized instruction, that’s just really difficult to provide virtually. Some of our scholars faced serious behavioral, social, and emotional challenges due to the long periods of isolation.”

In order to enter any building, it’s going to still be required for students and staff to get temperatures taken, and they must wear face masks.

“We know that more people are getting vaccinated,” Dr. Greene added. “Some parents are intending to have their young people vaccinated but not everyone is open to the vaccine. We believe that the facial coverings will be required.”

Sports are expected to pick back up but the JPS Athletic Department will require all people at indoor events to wear a mask. Field trips are also picking back up over the summer carrying over into the fall. Many are excited for the new year.

“I want to see all sports come back,” Cameron Frank, an upcoming junior at Forest Hill High, said. “Football, basketball, everything else for that matter. I’m more excited than I was before just coming back playing football. I think my team would be more excited as well. It will be a comeback for us too.”

“I think they get more learning that way because they’re interacting with other children and learning from each other,” said Melvin Lewis, whose a grandparent to a JPS student. “I think being back on campus would be good.”

Isolation rooms will also be set up for any students showing up with symptoms or getting sick in the middle of the day. The district has enough laptops to give one to each student if they catch COVID-19 next year. Classrooms and school buses will also go through deep cleanings on a daily basis. The full plan can be found by clicking here.

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