Jackson Public Works director provides update on city’s water pressure


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams held a news conference on Friday to give an update on the efforts to restore water pressure in the city.

Williams said the Public Works Department calculated a maximum PSA above 80, before having to cutback for maintenance. He said the PSI level is approaching the proper level to supply water to the whole city.

The biggest issue for the flow into South and West Jackson is an incline. Williams said water pressure will continue to build up strength in the tanks this weekend. He said the pressure will be able to push water through the pipes uphill.

Some of the areas that are without water include properties off of McDowell Road and Robinson Road. Crews are also working to fix 15 water main breaks.

If neighbors have access to water, they’re asked to conserve it so the tanks can build up.

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